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New Promo Video for Spokane Piano Studio

July 27, 2010

Recording on a Digital Piano

July 22, 2010

Recently, I have been experimenting with a lot different ways to record piano music. As much as I love the sound of an acoustic piano, I decided to experiment with the digital piano to see what kind of sound I could get with it. A few weeks ago, I blogged on the 200th anniversary of Robert Schumann, which you can read more about here. So, this week I decided to record a little of Dreaming from Scenes of Childhood by Robert Schumann.

I hope you enjoy!

Listen to Dreaming by Schumann here

New Recording is Up!

July 17, 2010

Today I was very inspired to play Romantic Composers, so I decided to record the Chopin’s Nocturne in B-flat Major, op.9, n.2. This was the very first nocturne I ever learned many years ago, and I still remember how technically challenging this piece was at first. All the thrills, ornaments, pedaling, left hand jumps, the octaves on the right hand and the little cadenza at the end plus all the artistic expression seem to be endlessly difficult at the time.

Now, I look back and I realize how technically simple this piece has became for me after all those years. Also, I never thought back then that understanding the music theory behind this nocturne would actually help me play it technically and artistically better. Its harmonies are actually quite simple and they reoccur many times throughout the piece.

This is a very simple recording and I am still deepening my understanding and the meaning of this work, with many more things to mature and develop on my own playing, but I hope your enjoy!

Click here to listen to Chopin’s nocturne op.9, n.2.mp3