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How Has Music Changed Your Life?

July 22, 2010

“One thing is to have a dream, the other is to act one it” – Ramzi Hussein Aburedwan

I never stop to be amazed by what the power of music is able to do and how it can influence and transform people’s lives. Recently, I heard an inspiring story about Ramzi Hussein Aburedwan, an accomplished violist and founder of several music schools across Palestine and refugee camps.

He has been for the past few years, a great advocate for music across Palestine, where he has been able to change the lives of many children and aspiring musicians. He started playing the viola at a very young age, later receiving a scholarship to study in Conservatory in France. After leaving the Conservatory and his comfortable life in France, he was able to convince 15 other fellow musicians to come to the west bank in Palestine to get involve with the project and help establishing the music schools.

“Initially, they were scared and did not want to came, but we were able to collect music instruments, such as pianos, violins, and other instruments. and they decided to participate”, he says. They teach both european and arabic classical music and they were able to put a music summer camps, bringing people from all over europe to play and participate. “With music you can make negative energy to positive energy,  and this is the kind of positive energy he always dreamed of creating, the world of sound is the expression of the human soul, transforming their destinies”, he says.

I am a believer that music and the arts are capable of impacting people’s destinies and bettering their lives, and that when people come together to help others, they not only better one person but the whole community. Unfortunately, music and arts programs are the first ones to loose their funding in our schools. Nonetheless, as musicians and artists, we have to believe in what we do as hard as it may seem at times, and still be opened to share our passion with others.

So, inspired by this story, I decided to raise a question on how has music and arts changed the lives of the people in our Spokane’s community? Do you have any interesting story on how your or someone else’s life has changed because of the arts? Why are the they important in the first place? What else could we do in our daily lives to keep the arts alive and healthy in our community? Please, feel free to share your story here, no matter how big or small it may be!

I hope to hear your thoughts soon!

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